Wednesday Writings

Happy Wednesday! I’m not going to keep you long. Wanted to share a snippet of a Facebook memory from a few years ago.

Facebook Memory: January 18, 2019:

I came across a quote that read, “Stay the Course.” Y’all, we have to stay the course because so many blessings are awaiting us. Even if you’re barely hanging on by a thread, don’t let go. Hold on to that one pinch of hope. God is working and everything will work in your favor. Don’t Give Up

Listen, do not give up. God has a way of making everything fall into place. So, stop stressing. Stop trying to figure things out. Go on about your day doing what you do – minus the stressing – and allow God to do what He does.

Wishing you a peaceful day!♥️

Be Blessed



Hello Sunday

Sometimes we win. Other times we lose.

Sometimes we seize great opportunities. Other times we don’t.


How do you cope – or attempt to cope – when things don’t go as planned? You know, after you have experienced a loss or have been disappointed?

Here’s what I wrote on this date in 2018. It was in response to the following quote — “Things didn’t work out [loss, disappointment, setback] because better things are in the works.”

Facebook Memory: December 18, 2018

Good Morning! We’re two weeks away from 2019!! Can you believe how fast this year passed? It’s crazy! Here’s today’s social media find. I know you may have set goals for this year that didn’t happen. You had it all played out in your mind how this year was going to be “Your Year!” And you feel like it was everything but your year (believe me, I know the feeling). However, from years of experiencing God’s love, mercy and grace, you KNOW better is coming! Things didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to. Whatever’s coming is going to blow your mind! Y’all know how God loves to show out!!😉💃🏽💃🏽 Here’s the thing, you cannot settle when you’re feeling down. You cannot stop believing because you don’t see anything happening. You must continue to push forward! Y’all, the best God has is on it’s way! Don’t give up!!

I like how I wrote–

“Things didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to. Whatever’s coming is going to blow your mind!”

Looking back, I am pretty sure I was trying to encourage myself after what I considered a loss or disappointment. Transparent moment: This is one of my ways of coping. It’s how I remain hopeful.

Did it work?

Does it work?


Although we still have two weeks left, I am exiting 2022 knowing that some things did not go as planned because they just were not meant to.


I’m entering 2023 KNOWING (had to make that BOLD because I’m feeling it) better is coming! Amen

Y’all, I am truly thankful for God’s love, mercy and grace. I thank Him for holding me up when I just knew I would fall. I thank Him for holding my heart together when I thought it was shattering. I thank Him for walking with me while I was afraid. I thank Him for encouraging me and restoring my hope, daily. We all know life is not easy. Y’all, I am beyond grateful God is in this thing with me. I’m Blessed

Only two weeks left in 2022! I pray you had an overall amazing year!♥️



Respect God’s Timing

How often have you tried to rush things or make something happen and it didn’t work? Could it possibly be because the timing wasn’t right? Some things take time. Yep.. sometimes YEARS! Did you just cringe, too?! (Laughing) Good news is, everything always works out better when we respect God’s timing.

Last night, I witnessed someone’s wait finally come to fruition. Sheryl Lee Ralph has been a performer and actress for decades and this year she was finally nominated for an Emmy award… and she WON!!!! Y’all, I was so excited for her and her babies. Her son and daughter – kinda like mine – have always been her biggest supporters and fans and they were there to witness this magnificent occasion. It was so beautiful!

On another note– I would like to see the same for Tyler Perry. He’s also been in the game for decades and it’s time for him to receive the writer/producer/director and film credit he deserves. Yep.. It’s time for him to receive an Oscar for his work. His latest film is called A Jazzman’s Blues. According to Tyler, it’s been in the works for 27 years. Now, that’s a long time! From what I can tell from the trailer, it’s Oscar worthy. Okay.. maybe I’m a little biased. Y’all know I love me some Tyler Perry. But honestly, it really is his time.

A Jazzman’s Blues comes out on September 23, 2022 on Netflix. Check it out!

Remember, God’s timing is always best. The look on Sheryl’s face last night proved it was so worth the wait. God is so amazing!♥️