Hello Sunday

“Some opportunities only happen once.”

I wrote this on May 30, 2015 when I had the opportunity to do a promotional video for Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience. When I received the email, my initial thought was- “Is this legit?” After the writer assured me that it wasn’t a joke– because I’m very leery of things I receive online– I became afraid. Y’all, so many thoughts filled my head– “How will I look on camera?” “Will I say the right things?” “How many people will see the video?” “Why me?” The more the questions flowed in the more fearful I became. So I replied to the email and politely declined making the video, but I did provided written feedback. Y’all, I really loved the 21-day series. I participated in multiple ones. They helped me manage my emotions during some really difficult times. If you ever have the opportunity, please sign-up. And guess what- they’re usually free!

So that was six years ago. Now let’s fast-forward it to a few months ago. I was contacted by someone doing PR for a show I watch. They asked if I would do a short video about how I liked the show. Unlike the first time, this time I was offered a small incentive, which should have encouraged me to do it, but I declined. Again, the same thoughts came rushing in with the first being “Is this legit?” Once again, fear had won. Later that evening, I saw a video that another viewer had submitted and thought to myself, “I could have done that.”

So, do opportunities only happen once? My answer is no. If it is something that is meant to be– like me being heard as well as seen– the opportunities will continue to come. A little over a week ago, I was contacted by a journalist from a TV station to do an interview. This time I wasn’t afraid. I accepted the opportunity. Do I care how I’ll look, or if I’ll say the right things? Of course! However, those thoughts no longer control me, nor does fear.

Y’all, I am so grateful God doesn’t give up on us, especially when we have given up on ourselves. After the first opportunity, I was sure no one would ever contact me again. Honestly, I felt like a failure. But God had other plans! As I’ve said many times before, I’m so grateful for second, third, fourth, and even 100 chances. God is good.


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