Wednesday Writings

Hello! Hello! Hello!! It’s almost 3:00 a.m. here in Hattiesburg. Since I am wide awake, I will go ahead and post today’s blog. This one is from another Facebook memory dated August 11, 2018. I read it and just had to share.

How many of us, no matter how far we have progressed in our mental and spiritual journey, are still struggling to heal from something no one knows about. That thing that knocks us to our knees from time to time. I refuse to believe I am the only one who experiences this.

A few weeks ago, my son asked if I ever had moments where I thought about something I did and instantly became embarrassed; something I was too embarrassed to share with someone else. I told him yes. That it happened more often than I liked. I went on to explain that most of the time whatever happened was so small, yet I couldn’t seem to get over it. That’s when I shared one of my moments with him, something I had never shared with anyone else. Honestly, I felt completely comfortable sharing it with him. I guess it’s because he is the only one who does not make me feel crazy or weird when I tell him things. Yes, he’s my gift. Grateful God placed him in my life.

Anyhoo… back to the Facebook memory. Here is what I shared three years ago.

August 11, 2018

I believe all of us can relate to this one. No matter how strong we are, or how much we’ve overcome, there’s always that one little thing we can’t seem to shake. Sending prayers and love!🙏🏽💕 #PrayAndWorship #GotsGotYou #YoureCovered

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a fantastic Wednesday!


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