Wednesday Writings

Decided I liked this graphic better.

Facebook Memory: March 9, 2019

Happy Saturday! Here’s today’s social media find. Do you remember waking up on Saturday mornings looking forward to a day of nonstop play? Well, I do! Of course there was the dreaded routine of cleaning the whole house first, but the reward was endless play. During playtime, I remember being very creative. It was like, if your mind could imagine it, you could find a way to do it, even if the majority of the scenarios were make believe. Those were the days! I believe, as we get older, we become more skeptical and less creative because we’re constantly worried about what others will think or say. (I tell you, we give “others” a lot of control.) Today, I challenge you to let go and be creative. What would your childhood self create if he/she had access to the technology and tools we have today? I create accounts, pages, blogs and whatever else my mind can imagine at the given time. I know it seems like I’m all over the place at times, but it’s the way I have fun. Lol. Anyhoo – be creative!

Now I’m drawing! There’s no telling what I will be doing three years from now. Life is too short and too good not to enjoy everything it has to offer. Have fun!


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