Moment of Silence

Today I would like to ask you to take a moment of silence to remember those who have recently lost their lives to mass shootings in the United States (May 14 – 24, 2022):

Buffalo, New York (Supermarket)
May 14, 2022
10 lives taken

Laguna Woods, California (Church)
May 15, 2022
1 life taken

Uvalde, Texas (Elementary School)
May 24, 2022
21 lives taken

Prayers for their loved ones who are heartbroken and confused. Prayers for those who are saddened, hurt and angered by those who fail to recognize and address the racial and ethnical issues we have in the U.S.; as well as the gun violence that continues to plague the United States. As much as I desire to see the good in everyone, I’m actually beginning to believe that some people are incapable of love, empathy and compassion. Because if they were, they would care more about lives than their agendas.

I have to remain hopeful or I will become like them.




Can you see it?
Can you feel it?
Are you already living it even though you’re nowhere near it?

You can believe until you’re blue in the face; if you can’t see it, you’ll never have it. Just sharing God’s message to me. Thought you could use it too.🤷🏽‍♀️ ~ Shaun



Process is necessary for progress. It’s necessary for change. It’s necessary for success. There are learning experiences attached to each step. If you skip a step, you will continually repeat the process until you get it right. There’s no way around it. ~ Shaun


Hello Sunday

Today’s “Hello Sunday” is a reblog from April 11, 2021. Y’all, it’s a year later and I still tear up when I think about how God has allowed me to live the life I have always imagined. Well.. minus the husband. Seriously, it’s funny how I always believed I could not live my best life without being married. This isn’t to say I never want to remarry because I would definitely be lying. However, over the past year, I have discovered that I don’t have to wait until I find a significant other or get married to truly live. I guess being happy really is a state of mind. God is good.

Here is what I wrote last year:

Happy Sunday! Came across a quote from a few years ago which basically sums up how I have felt over the past week. It read, “And so, she started living the life she’d imagined.” Y’all, I’m in tears right now. I have never felt so free. So in control. So focused. Been watching God work. […]

Hello Sunday — It’s Shaun’s World

Wednesday Writings

“Everyone has their own road to travel,” is what I wrote a few years ago. It seems like the older I get the more evident this becomes. No matter how much we want things and relationships to remain the same they won’t. Life is constantly evolving. Everyone has their own lives with their own set of dreams, goals and problems. And of course I have mine!

My world is finally opening back up and it looks totally different from the way it looked pre-COVID. I’m not afraid of what the future holds. However, it saddens me that things are no longer the same. As many of us have experienced, change – positive or negative – can be difficult to accept and adjust to, but it’s so necessary.

On this day three years ago, I wrote: “Reflect, Regroup, Refocus.” Never have I felt the need to do this as much as I do now. Change is inevitable and it’s happening right before my eyes. The only thing that has remained constant, and will always remain constant, is God’s presence and love. And you best believe I’m not letting those go. Nope! I’m leaning on Him even more.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day.