Wednesday Writings

It’s Wednesday! The day after elections. Usually, the day afterwards, I feel somewhat confused, and today is no different. Y’all, I’m always stunned by the number of people who continue to vote for egotistical, self-centered people who are only concerned with winning and fulfilling their own needs. It’s so obvious that they care nothing for the voters. Not even the ones they claim to be protecting from the “woke” people. If they truly cared, they would support legislation and causes that would create a better world and environment for everyone. Equity…

I was going to go into details about some of the races (specifically the Senate race in Georgia), but I’ll let it rest. All I’m going to say is, that race should not have been that close. Who would, in good conscience, vote for anyone who would never be able to make effective decisions? Sadly, Georgia isn’t the only state that voted this way.

Enough about the foolishness…

The highlight of the night was not a win, but a beautifully delivered concedence speech by Stacey Abrams, Georgia’s gubernatorial candidate. Y’all, Stacey is not finished. I know they thought last night’s results would take her out the game. Nah.. this loss just gave her more momentum. She’s on fire! And the fire she’s ignited in Georgia is about to spread like wildfire to surrounding states. Yes.. this is ONLY the beginning. Stacey is a change agent.

Listen, last night, while watching her speech, all I could think was – “Stacey Abrams for President.” Y’all, God has so much more in store for her. As I said, this is only the beginning. Smiling

Y’all have a blessed Wednesday!