Wednesday Writings

Hello June! Oh how I’ve missed you.

Y’all, it’s my birthday month and the final year of my 40s. All I can say is, WHAT A RIDE! Y’all, if my 40s were a movie, it would win Oscars in multiple categories. Like.. for real! Talk about one wonderfully, crazy decade! If someone would have told me my 40s were going to be wild, I would’ve laughed my head off – “Quit playing!”

So, I always set a theme for my birthday year. This past year I focused on embracing my freedom. This next year it’s Smooth Sailing. I just want to lay back, relax, create and let the gentle waves take me wherever they please. Whatever blessings come my way, I’m grasping them without overthinking. And the troubles I encounter.. HA! I’m handing those over to God.

Yep.. Smooth Sailing.

Well, I still have a little over three weeks to build up to the big event. Today I’m celebrating with a road trip and lunch– both work related but I’m going to celebrate like this event was planned in my honor. Then tonight I’m going to chat with a few sistas as we watch our favorite show, Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Yep.. the second half of Season 4 returns tonight! What a way to kick off my celebration!

Anyhoo.. let me publish this so I can get on the road. Enjoy your Wednesday!