Wednesday Writings

Not sure what I’ll write about today. I have a lot I could write about but no real inspiration to write. I’m on my 67th day of continuous blogging and refuse stop until I reach 100 days. So what’s been going on in Shaun’s world?

I am still enjoying my freedom. Sometimes I wonder if I’m delusional because I do not regret leaving my career behind. I mean, I feel no remorse whatsoever. None. Is this normal?

Last Thursday I met up with my sisters and their families in Georgia. Decided to meet there because it was midway between our homes. Each of us only had to travel 5.5 – 6.5 hours instead of the usual 12. We leased an AirBnB for four days and had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to do it again!

Also while there, I visited Tyler Perry Studios. Couldn’t be in the area and not visit the place where so many dreams have come to fruition. As I said yesterday, I love watching God work and Tyler’s life and success are great examples of God’s awesomeness. God gave Tyler an exceptional gift and he seems to be using it extremely well. From the highway signs to the grand entrance of the studios, all I could do was smile. Y’all, God did that! I’m so grateful He gave me the opportunity to witness his greatness in person. It’s one thing to see pictures and videos and another to actually stand in the midst of greatness. Very humbling. Praying Tyler experiences continued blessings and success. I cannot wait to see what God has planned through him next. I know it’s going to be even more amazing!

Okay, enough gushing over Tyler’s success. I often wonder where God’s taking me. Will my life impact others? How many people will I reach? And I want to reach them while I’m alive not in death. Honestly, my desire is to reach everyone. Yes.. every single soul on this planet! Even if it’s only for a split second. Whether it is directly or indirectly, I want others, especially the little ones, to know they are loved and accepted just as they are. I am not sure how it will happen but I know it will happen. Yes, I’m saying will happen because with God ALL things are possible. I have always imagined it happening through the United Nations, but we all know God is unpredictable and unconventional. I cannot wait to see how he makes this happen. He knows I love watching Him work and I love a great story. So this should be exciting! Right?…

Here’s my prayer. I pray that I recognize and accept the opportunities He sends my way. I pray fear does not stop me from moving forward. I pray God gives me the strength– mentally, spiritually and physically– to endure this task. I know God’s got me, but do I have myself?

I believe this is enough rambling for today. If you actually read past the first paragraph, I appreciate you. I pray you have a wonderful Wednesday.

Take Care,


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Writings”

  1. 67 is a great effort – keep it up. As for your career. It must have been the right move to leave it if you feel no remorse. To live is to let go of all that has past. Thank you for your warm prayers Shaun. 🙏

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