What Makes You Smile?

What started as a simple social media post is now a blog.

Smile: a pleased, kind, or amused facial expression.

I believe genuine smiles come from the heart. They are not just facial expressions. They are expressions of pure joy and happiness. You must admit, although brief, when you smile you are completely content. Not a single worry in sight.

Me, I tend to smile a lot. I guess you could say I experience a lot of smileable moments. Earlier, while scrolling through social media, I noticed that I kept smiling. So I stopped scrolling and asked myself why. Why so many smiles? That’s when it hit me, I really do love watching God work. I know I say it all the time, but sometimes it does not fully register that I really love watching Him work. Y’all, God is so fascinating! I am forever amazed by the things He does. How He transforms lives. How everything falls into place exactly at the right moment in time. It’s like watching a movie with so many storylines and characters. They are all interconnected but don’t realize it. What I find most interesting, and humbling, is God allowing me to witness it all in real time. Unlike the movies, I actually get to cheer people on as I watch them grow and use their gifts to help others. Y’all, this is what makes me smile.

Honestly, when I think about it, I truly believe this is how God expresses His love for me. His desire is for all of us to live happy, fulfilled lives and this is what does it for me. Not money. Not success. But watching Him work. Y’all, this kind of joy and happiness is pure. So I smile. Grateful

Question- What makes you smile?


2 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?”

  1. Not just seeing God work, but seeing they eyes of someone who just at that moment realized that it was God that made it happen for them….I’m a people watcher and I get joy seeing breakthroughs in the faces of those who don’t think it’s ever going to work out in their favor…God IS amazing, and He keeps me amazed at the things He does, and creates. That’s what makes me smile.

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    1. Yes, Deborah, YES!!! That’s exactly how I feel. Of course, I don’t get to see their expressions on social media (unless there’s a video) but reading the testimonies. Sometimes they don’t give God the credit, but we know it was God!!


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