Dedication (Merriam-Webster): Self-sacrificing devotion and loyalty

Whew!! What a definition! Listen, dedication requires heart and commitment. If your heart isn’t in it, consider letting it go. However, if your heart is there, STICK WITH IT!♥️

On this date five years ago (2017), I posted my second blog. Here’s what I wrote in my journal–

Just published my second blog. Some may read it. Some may not. Either way, I have to keep up what I’ve started. We shall see. With God’s help, it’ll be done. Amen

Today’s entry will make 583 consecutive daily posts under It’s Shaun’s World. I’m not sure how many I have in total, which would include my blogs under The Research Diva/I Am LaShaundreaB and Nutrition with LaShaundreaB.

I guess you can say my heart is definitely in it! ~ Shaun

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