Today has been a very weird day. I guess you can say it began yesterday. I could feel something was off. I was anxious. Things were too quiet. I texted my dad but he never responded. Instead of calling him, I said I would wait until this morning to call. Well, before I could call him, he called me. My aunt – his only living sister, his baby sister – had just passed. She would have been 65 in two weeks. Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, my stepmom decided to throw her a small, surprise birthday party. She said she just felt like celebrating Aunt Beaulah. Little did we know, that would be her last.

As my dad always says when someone passes, “It’s just one of those things.” I guess he’s right. No one is beyond death. We all have to die someday. I’m sad. Been in somewhat of a daze most of the day. I have been functioning as usual, but I’m not truly here. I logged off social media almost two weeks ago because I was tired of seeing sad stories and reading obituaries. Ha! The jokes on me. Whether I’m plugged in or not, sadness and death still exists. And, life goes on.

Rest easy, Aunt Beaulah. You will definitely be missed.


One Bad Habit

I really wish I were asleep, but as you can see, I’m not. Y’all, I have one bad habit… and no, it is not a man!

HA!! For a moment I heard Angie Stone singing “2 Bad Habits” when I mentioned “one bad habit.Lol. My life.

Anyway… my bad habit is falling asleep on the sofa. I know it sounds trivial, but it is affecting my quality of life. On average, I probably spend half of my nights on the sofa 3-5 days a week. I usually wake up somewhere between midnight and 2:00 a.m. (this morning it was 4:00 a.m.) and then go to bed. However, once in bed, I never go back to sleep. I lay awake thinking or writing. Y’all, it is so frustrating. It throws my entire day off. Falling asleep on the sofa is okay on the weekends, but definitely not, on weekdays. You see, on weekends, I can always take a nap. However, on weekdays, I have to be awake and alert for work.

I know this blog seems random.. because the majority of them are. Lol. Just wanted to share my “Aha” moment with you. I never considered this to be a habit. Honestly, I always assumed I suffered from insomnia; and whenever I felt sluggish, I thought it was some kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency. Never connected any of this with the quality/lack of sleep or rest.

Anyway, I need to break this habit. From this day forward, I am going to make a conscious effort to fall asleep in bed. Thinking I may need to set a bedtime. Hmm…