Wednesday Writings

I’m slowly learning that setbacks, or plot twists – as I call them because I definitely feel like I’m in a movie, a Tyler Perry movie – are designed to make me stronger. I know they are preparing me for something greater.

Yesterday, I experienced one of those “plot twists.” Not going to go into details. However, I will let you know I was on an all-time high where things just seemed to be falling in place, then.. BAM!, everything began to unravel as fast as they had happened. Although I was somewhat disappointed, I didn’t become upset. Instead, I remained calm as everything played out.

Y’all, I’m so thankful for my daughter (one of my gifts from God). I texted her while celebrating and she responded with, “Whatever you desire happens!” Because she’s witnessed God’s goodness over my life. Then, I texted her as things began to crumble. Her response, “It will work out how it needs to.” Y’all, it was the response I needed. Smiling. Proud mom moment.

So, yesterday, I decided not to be the problem solver that I always tend to be, and I allowed God to lead. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to make sense of everything that had happened and find a solution. But God asked me to release the reins and allow Him to lead. And I did.

My birthday theme for this year (Year 49) was Smooth Sailing. I said that I was going to sit back, relax and let the waves take me wherever they pleased. Guess what? I didn’t account for storms. As the storms roll in – and boy do they seem to be coming – out of habit, I want to sit up and take control of the ship. However, every time I get the urge do so, God reassures me that He’s got it all under control. All I have to do is sit back, relax and trust Him. As Bishop T. D. Jakes preached Sunday, I have to remain Steady in The Storm.

Thank you for reading today’s blog. I pray you’re also trusting God to guide you through your storms – because I know I can’t be the only one going through them. Smile.

Be Blessed♥️



Hello Sunday

Today is the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Ida is due to make landfall in a few hours. August 29, 2005. August 29, 2021.

Katrina was a Category 3. Ida is already a Category 4, nearing a Category 5.

So what am I going to do? Stay put. There is really no where to go. Most of MS is in its path. And if it’s anything like Katrina, it is going to eventually work its way up the East coast. All I can do is pray damage and casualties are minimal. Fortunately, I live far enough from the coast not to experience the storm surge, but not far enough from strong winds, heavy rain, flooding and possible tornadoes. Mentally, I am not prepared to deal with what is predicted to come. Trying to enjoy every moment of peace and calm, before the storm.

Katrina… Katrina was devastating. During Katrina, our power was out for several days. That was the most discomfort we experienced. However, so many lost so much more to include family members. For years… yes, years… we were reminded of the devastation – twisted trees, blue-tarped roofs, and dilapidated houses. And that was just here in Hattiesburg, which is more than a hundred miles from where Katrina made landfall. And the Gulf Coast… from Pascagula to New Orleans, the damage was surreal. Communities were literally gone. GONE! Now here we go again.

Y’all, I’m not ready. Not at all. Praying for God’s mercy, grace and protection.