Positive Thoughts & Vibes

Negativity seems to flow so easily and effortlessly. We don’t have to summon negativity, it just comes. Seems as if it’s always waiting to greet us with open arms, as soon as we open our eyes. Sigh

Today, I encourage you to do what I am doing from this day forward —blocking it! As soon as negativity comes in expecting to be embraced, I am greeting it with positive thoughts— “Today will be a wonderful day! You know why? Because I am going to make it wonderful.” “Life is beautiful.” “I will respond kindly to negative vibes.” “I can do this.” “I am a winner.” “I am a child of God!” “Baby, God’s got me!!” Yesss… shutting it down!

Y’all, we must be intentional about creating positive experiences.♥️ ~Shaun

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