Be Intentional

For years, I believed the word “intentional” had a negative connotation. You know, people were only intentional when manipulating others. Now, I realize intentionality is the basis for positivity and peace.

Today, I’m intentional about living life to its fullest, loving unconditionally, and creating time and space for happiness.☺️ ~ Shaun


Happy 49th Birthday To Me!

Welcoming #Year49 with gratitude and a very warm embrace. So grateful to have made it this far. Y’all, I’m truly blessed.♥️

My birthday prayer for this year and beyond is to continue to experience God’s love, mercy, grace and favor; to love and be loved unconditionally; and to reach unimaginable heights. Y’all, it’s the final year of my 40’s and I intend to make it great! ~ Shaun