Positive Thoughts & Vibes

Negativity seems to flow so easily and effortlessly. We don’t have to summon negativity, it just comes. Seems as if it’s always waiting to greet us with open arms, as soon as we open our eyes. Sigh

Today, I encourage you to do what I am doing from this day forward —blocking it! As soon as negativity comes in expecting to be embraced, I am greeting it with positive thoughts— “Today will be a wonderful day! You know why? Because I am going to make it wonderful.” “Life is beautiful.” “I will respond kindly to negative vibes.” “I can do this.” “I am a winner.” “I am a child of God!” “Baby, God’s got me!!” Yesss… shutting it down!

Y’all, we must be intentional about creating positive experiences.♥️ ~Shaun



Be still and listen.
Be quiet and listen.
The answer’s there.
Just listen.

Once you’ve received your answer, it’s on you to accept it or not.♥️

Learning and growth is lifelong. It seems like every day I’m either learning something new or accepting what I have already known (growth).

I tend to talk to God a lot; however, I don’t always take time to listen. Or, I hear Him, don’t like the answer, and keep talking. Either way, He always provides answers.

Here’s what I’m learning:

  • If I listen the first, second or third time (yep.. I’m stubborn at times), I won’t have to keep repeating the same things.
  • Sometimes the answers will take me outside my comfort zone. I have to move while afraid, uncertain and uncomfortable.
  • God’s answers can contradict reason and logic. Yes, I’m learning to stop trying to make sense of things.
  • God will confirm His answers. I will say that nowadays He confirms them much faster than before, or not. Maybe the confirmation has always been there but I was not open to receiving the answer(s).

Going forward, my goal is to be intentional about listening, accepting and acting on God’s answers.



Facing Fears

The only way to overcome a fear is to face it head on. Avoiding it will not make it disappear.

Are there fears you’ve been reluctant to face?

I definitely have a few. I believe it’s time to become intentional about facing them. Hope you’ll do the same.♥️ ~ Shaun


Be Intentional

For years, I believed the word “intentional” had a negative connotation. You know, people were only intentional when manipulating others. Now, I realize intentionality is the basis for positivity and peace.

Today, I’m intentional about living life to its fullest, loving unconditionally, and creating time and space for happiness.☺️ ~ Shaun


Happy 49th Birthday To Me!

Welcoming #Year49 with gratitude and a very warm embrace. So grateful to have made it this far. Y’all, I’m truly blessed.♥️

My birthday prayer for this year and beyond is to continue to experience God’s love, mercy, grace and favor; to love and be loved unconditionally; and to reach unimaginable heights. Y’all, it’s the final year of my 40’s and I intend to make it great! ~ Shaun