Positive Thoughts & Vibes

Negativity seems to flow so easily and effortlessly. We don’t have to summon negativity, it just comes. Seems as if it’s always waiting to greet us with open arms, as soon as we open our eyes. Sigh

Today, I encourage you to do what I am doing from this day forward —blocking it! As soon as negativity comes in expecting to be embraced, I am greeting it with positive thoughts— “Today will be a wonderful day! You know why? Because I am going to make it wonderful.” “Life is beautiful.” “I will respond kindly to negative vibes.” “I can do this.” “I am a winner.” “I am a child of God!” “Baby, God’s got me!!” Yesss… shutting it down!

Y’all, we must be intentional about creating positive experiences.♥️ ~Shaun



Perception – a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression

Question – If you perceive something to be true, is it actually true?

Social media has opened my eyes about the way we perceive things. Even when in agreement, we never truly understand the other person’s full perspective unless we ask, or they explain it in detail. Most of the time we assume that because we are in agreement, our perspectives are the same. When in reality, they are not.

Honestly, perceptions can be very deceptive. Especially when we attempt to interpret another person’s feelings or words. Have you ever wondered how someone perceived you based on your words, feelings or actions? Do you believe their perception would be accurate if they never spoke to or interacted with you? More than likely, not. So why do we assume our perceptions of others to be true?

My advice, if you really want to know how a person feels, or understand the meaning behind their words or messages, ASK. Also, people change over time. Just because they said something or felt a certain way a year ago, doesn’t mean they feel the same way today. Again, ASK.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!



Wednesday Writings

A few years ago, a question was circulating on different social media platforms – “What advice would you give your five year old self?” The answer I gave then, is still the same today; however, I would add:

Be patient with yourself.
Allow yourself to make and learn from mistakes.
Take more leaps of faith.
Save more.
Invest more.
There’s going to be this thing called social media. Learn to manage it, don’t let it manage you.

Here’s what I originally shared back in 2017 (I believe).

What would I tell my 5 year old self?

You’re going to have some good days and some bad days. Sometimes you’re going to feel like giving up, but you won’t. You’re a survivor. See every moment as an adventure. It will help you through the tough times. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Don’t settle for less than what you want and what you’re worth.

You will always be a little different than others. You’re unique. Embrace it! Travel. Love. Have fun. And ALWAYS put God first. He’s so awesome. The things He’s going to allow you to experience are going to blow your mind. Girl, just enjoy life. And guess what? I love you.

What advice would you give your five year old self?