Hello Sunday

The wait…

Word of advice– you probably should keep breathing while waiting. Hold your breath and you might not make it. Just kidding. God is full of surprises. You never know what He’s up to.

Y’all, the wait can be long and tedious. Been reading past journal entries and scrolling through Facebook memories. There were so many instances where I believed I was prepared to receive one thing or another, only to find I was not prepared at all. There was always a waiting period. Sometimes I waited three or four years. Sometimes longer. I noticed that during those periods of waiting, God was pruning and prepping me to receive. During those periods, I became stronger– things that intimidated me before no longer intimidated me. I became wiser– I began making better choices. I was more appreciative– I appreciated every little blessing I received and still do. My relationship with God also became stronger– I prayed and praised more.

The wait…

Be patient during the wait. Be patient with God and be patient with yourself. If you have not received what you believe you are ready for, you are not prepared to receive it. Believe me, when it’s the right time, God won’t keep you waiting– You will receive it!

Lesson– Waiting was and is necessary. I can wait. You can wait. We can wait. God is working.


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