Give Thanks

Today, let’s stay present and give thanks for what we already have. Tomorrow, we can focus on future blessings.😉

If you’re reading this, know that you are a blessing and I’m so thankful you are here!♥️ ~ Shaun



Today I am giving thanks for every blessing God has bestowed on me. I’m alive. I’m well. My kids are here with me. My parents, siblings and their families are well. Y’all, I’m blessed.

With that said, I am also thankful for the small blessings I often take for granted like breathing freely. At this moment there are millions suffering from the side effects of COVID-19, one of which is labored breathing. Last week I watched my uncle struggle to breathe while urging us, his family and friends, to take the virus seriously. His Facebook Live from ICU was very emotional and difficult to watch. Watching him weep while telling God why he wasn’t ready to die was heart wrenching. It is not something I ever want to experience, or wish upon anyone else.

Two other things many of us take for granted are shelter and having access to food. How many of you actually wake up thinking I could be homeless right now or wondering how you will feed yourself and/or family? Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands who woke up last Thanksgiving oblivious of what was to come. Like you and me, they never imagined being homeless or food insecure. However, now they are homeless and have no idea of how they will eat tomorrow or next week. Just imagine being a parent trying to figure out how to provide for your children and you can’t even provide for yourself. Again, it is something I never want to experience. Prayers for those who are.

Y’all, this pandemic has really made me more aware of my blessings. It is so important that we stop and thank God for the blessings we have today because it is not promised that we will have them tomorrow.

Before I end, I would like to say I am thankful for each one of you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blogs. It is something that I do not take for granted. I really do appreciate you. Wishing you peace and many blessings.