Wednesday Writings


Grateful for the connections I’ve made over my lifetime. Some connections have been brief, while others have been lifelong. The older I become, the more I cherish these connections and the time I get to spend with everyone.

Today, the world lost a wonderful man. He was a father, grandfather, brother, uncle, husband and friend. He was loud, opinionated, always cracking jokes and loved by so many. He will be missed. RIP Daddy E.

Today is also my sister’s 48th birthday. Wish I could be with her.

Yes, y’all. Life and time passes by so fast. Cherish the time you have with others, especially the ones you consider dear.




When we were younger, we believed we had all the time in the world to do those little things we knew were significant but found insignificant at the moment. Things like living healthier and cultivating meaningful relationships. They were always at the back of our minds, or on our to-do lists, but somehow they never quite became a priority.

Unfortunately, we cannot turn back the hands of time. Those health issues that could have been prevented are now being managed. Relationships that could have worked, or been better, are either long gone or beyond repair. Sadly, time didn’t wait until we were ready. However, the good news is we are still here and have the opportunity to make wiser choices.

Listen, time isn’t stopping nor is it slowing down. So if there is something or someone you value, make it or them a priority. It’s so important that we take advantage of the time we already have, not the time we believe you have. Be sure to make every moment count.♥️ ~ Shaun

This is my first animated drawing! Y’all, I’m creating and it feels absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me.☺️

Timing is Everything

I used to live life based on a timeline. Had to have accomplished XYZ by a certain age. If I hadn’t, I felt like a failure or it wasn’t meant to be. Little did I know, timing is everything. All good things come and happen at the right time. Be patient.♥️ ~Shaun