It’s On Me

Just finished streaming this morning’s service at The Potter’s House. Today’s message, “It’s On You,” was delivered by Pastor John F. Hannah. Usually when I’m traveling, I only get to hear bits and pieces of the sermons. However, TODAY, I got to hear the entire message. When I tell y’all it was JUST FOR ME!!


This morning I shared an excerpt from March 26, 2015’s journal entry. But that was only one part. You see, the beginning of that entry referenced me being elected President Elect for our state’s dietetics association. I was newly elected and so hyped about the position and its possibilities. Then… life happened. Whew!! When I tell you my entire personal life had flipped upside down! Y’all, that divorce process was no joke. I was seeing so much success in my professional life – promotions, opportunities, and experiences. However, my personal life was an entire mess. Eventually, my attempt to balance both, failed. One had to give and it was the position. Instead of giving it my best, I could only meet my obligations, nothing more. To this day they still say I was a great president, but I know I could have been better. I could have accomplished a lot more and handle some things differently.

On March 25, 2015, I had just returned home from attending that year’s annual Dietetics conference ready to take on the world. Well, here I am eight years later about to attend this year’s conference. Although I have attended several conferences in between, this one feels different. Maybe it’s because I’m different. For years I beat myself up over not giving my all to the positions (elect and presidency). One thing COVID and these last two years have taught me is to release myself from things that didn’t go as planned. That they went exactly as planned according to God’s plan.

Today, Pastor Hannah reminded me that it’s my time to BODLY embrace everything God has for me to do; and to do it UNAPOLOGETICALLY. No more running. No more hiding. No more being timid. It’s on me to take all that’s mine. My purpose is too great not to.

Thanks for listening to my rambling. Needed to get it out.

Take Care,



Hello Sunday

Something NEW for 2022!✨

So, around 2:00 AM this morning, I got this idea to create a TikTok account to document my adventures. Basically, to document my travels, food and fun (actually selfies – smile). As usual, once I get a creative idea in my head, I have to act on it no matter how tired I am. And that’s exactly what I did! And y’all, I’m tired!

At 2:00 AM, I decided to create a new TikTok account for It’s Shaun’s World and rename the current one, Shaun’s Daily Inspiration. The NEW It’s Shaun’s World will now house documentaries of my adventures.

For years I have watched and followed culinarians like Marcus Samuelsson, Guy Fieri, Adrian E. Miller and the late Anthony Bourdain travel the world and document their culinary experiences. Secretly, I always wished I could do the same. Well… I can! Imagine that! I have everything I need to get started. One thing this pandemic has taught me is that life is too short to continue sitting on the sidelines waiting for the “right” time to get started, when the “right” time is NOW! Here’s my introductory video.

Welcome to It’s Shaun’s World

Before I end, at the beginning of every new year I choose a word or phrase for the year. This year’s phrase is, “Unapologetically Me.” Last year, on November 14, 2021, Bishop T.D. Jakes told us to mark the date on our calendars as the last time we would apologize for being who we were. Since I have always considered myself quirky, when he used the term quirkiness, I knew the message was for me. Immediately, I began separating myself from people and situations that made me want to apologize for being myself. Since making those changes, I can honestly say it feels good to be me! I no longer feel intimidated or less than. Now I feel free to create.

Okay.. let me end this and take a nap. If you didn’t see my previous blog, I would like to wish you Happy New Year! Enjoy 2022!!