Happy New Year’s Eve: 2022

Y’all, 2022 was one eventful year! I’m so grateful God was with me every step of the way. So grateful for His guidance, grace and unconditional love.

Each year, instead of a setting a New Year’s resolution, I set a theme for the year. This year’s theme for 2022 was “Unapologetically Me.” I loved and lived up to it. I didn’t set it for others to see, or even notice. It was personal. It was for me to feel and embrace, and I did. Let’s just say it’s how I needed to end this decade of my 40s. Smiling

This coming year I’m entering a new decade of life, my 50s, and want to do things a little differently. Nothing bold. Nothing deep. The energy I’m taking into 2023 is humbleness and gratitude. It’s the energy I would like to have as I usher in the next half of my life. Gotta leave the negative energy on this side of my century. Smiling. Honestly, I’m looking forward to turning 50. God is good.

Okay.. so here is the ultra-condensed, yet very significant version of my accomplishments in 2022:

• I conquered a few fears.
• I found myself again.
• I released control.

I just wanted to add, releasing control was probably the most rewarding. This year, so many things happened that were beyond my control. I had no choice but to give in and go with the flow. Then, there were the things I could control. Well, I found out they weren’t worth the headache or heartache, so I let them go. Y’all, I never knew releasing control could be so freeing. This is a whole-nother level of freedom I never knew existed and I’m loving it!

As I mentioned earlier, I am focusing on humbleness and gratitude in 2023. Not expecting much. Not asking for much. Just grateful for what I already have. If God decides to bless me with more, I will be just as grateful.

Here’s a snippet of how I entered 2022, and how I’m leaving it as I enter 2023.

Wishing all of you much love, peace, happiness and blessings in 2023. May your new year be full of light, laughter and joy. I love y’all!😘



2020 – What A Year!

Yes… What a year! Listen, I have to confess, I had the idea of reblogging last year’s end of the year blog and adding an overcomer’s intro– “This is where I was but God brought me out!” Sorry to disappoint or save you– it’s not going to happen. This time last year, I was really down and depressed. Had good reasons to be, but WOW! I had no idea I was that far gone. With that said, I will acknowledge that was where I was; however, I am so grateful I am no longer there. This year I am going to end things on a high note, you know, just in case I decide to reblog it next year. Gotta be intentional. Lol! Here we go:

First, and utmost importantly, I would like to thank God for all of His wonderful blessings. I cannot lie, He has been so good to me! Instead of giving a detailed review about everything He’s done, I will only highlight some of the key moments-

March 2020 – Purchased my home.
May 2020 – Decided to make my blogs public.
June 2020 – Turned 47 and decided to be my true, authentic self.
August 2020 – Invited to be a contributing author in a book anthology.
September 2020 – Became the Principal Investigator on one of my research projects.
October 2020 – Did my first live interview promoting myself. It was for the book, but it was all about me.
November 2020 – Did another presentation for the same company that left me feeling inadequate for two years. (That was major! Had to face that bull head on.)
December 2020 – Decided to live my life to its fullest! No regret!!

Needless to say, I don’t know what 2021 holds. None of us do. However, I will say I’m entering 2021 with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart, expecting to receive more blessings than hurts. Yeah, I’m entering 2021 knowing that whatever comes and whatever goes, God’s got me. That he will NEVER leave me.

Before I end, I wanted to share this with you. It’s a little off topic, but, for me, it is so timely. Wanted to write it here in case I don’t get around to adding it to A Research Diva’s Journey. Again, being intentional. So, I’m reading this book about the United Nations, “The Case for Humanity: An Extraordinary Session” by Yasmine Sherif. It’s about the underlying founding principles of the United Nations – vision, hope, peace, love, and humanity – everything I’m passionate about. Y’all, it is so important that we do not allow negativity to obscure our vision for the future. Listen, no matter how dismal things may appear, please embrace the positive and hold on to hope. In the words of the great Reverend Jesse Jackson, “Keep hope alive!”

That’s all I have for you today. Going to end with a quote from the book.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done. There is no passion found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela

My word for 2021 is “Live!” Can’t you hear Tim McGraw singing, “Live like you were dying.” I can.

Happy New Year’s Eve!!

Be blessed!