God’s Promises

Hello.. Hello.. Hello!

Y’all, I had planned on writing something else. Something related to tonight’s season finale of Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Wanted to finish my conversation about Aaron (see It’s My Tweet Night). Instead, I’m leaving you with this gem I found from last year’s Facebook memory. Yes.. another Facebook memory. I just love them!

Listen, I’m so grateful God has me leave nuggets for my future self. On March 31, 2020, I closed on my house. This year my news is even greater! As I said on Sunday, I’ll write about it in my next Hello Sunday. Just know that this particular message was written for me to read TODAY!! Talk about timing. Y’all, God just blows my mind!

March 31, 2020

“Good Morning! Here’s today’s social media find. Y’all, God is sooo good! WHATEVER He asked you to give up, or leave behind, will always be replaced with something greater. I promise you, He will not leave you hanging. Don’t cry over your loss, just let go and let God. Amen”

Whew!! Have a blessed day!

Also, if you’re watching #SistasOnBET tonight, tweet with us!


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