Just Dropping In To Say Hello

About a week and a half ago, I decided to log off all of my social media accounts to include not blogging. I needed to concentrate on a few things and the noise was a bit much. Now that I’ve been off for a while I’m not sure when, or if, I’ll return. I’m not referring to blogging because I still love to write (been journalling several times a day). I’m referring to my other accounts, particularly Twitter and Facebook. They tend to give me anxiety. Always too much going on. With that said, there are aspects I do miss. I miss tweeting during my shows, saying “Good Morning” to the sisters in the Facebook group, We Are Sistas, and keeping in touch with close family and friends. The other stuff, I don’t miss it at all. It was just a bunch of noise. If I don’t see it on the morning shows, nightly news, or hear about it on the radio, I’ll live. As I said, it was just too much. If I do return, things are going to be different.

How I’m feeling. Life is good.

Listen, once you find peace it’s hard to go back to chaos. Just saying. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see y’all on Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Just Dropping In To Say Hello”

  1. Good to hear from you…I’m sure this has been restful to your mind…anxiety has no place in our lives and it’s good to step back sometimes.

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