Hello Sunday

My Joy

Today, I decided to reblog last year’s blog, My Joy. The experience I shared last year (May 16, 2020) is how I have felt every day over the past month or so. No lie– EVERY DAY! Y’all, I never knew I could be so happy all day every day. Lately, whenever something negative tries to enter my space, God blocks it with something positive. Just a thought– Maybe God has always provided positive options but I chose to focus on the negative OR not listen and follow His guidance. Hmm… something to think about from now forward.

Listen, I cannot emphasize this enough, when you allow God to lead and love on you your reward is that unspeakable, indescribable joy. Y’all, it’s how I’m living! Forever Grateful ~ Shaun

My Joy

I could not end this week without testifying about all of my wonderful experiences this week. Smiling as I reminisce. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a …

My Joy

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