New Movie Suggestion Part 2

As SpongeBob would say….

Ten seconds later……..

My daughter decided to take me out to eat after the movie and our server spilled water ALL over my lap.

Laughing!!! I guess I really am Ariel. Gotta love life.😂

When I tell you God has such a sense of humor. Y’all, I really do love my life. Always entertaining AND drama free. I can’t do drama. Would rather laugh.♥️


New Movie Suggestion

If you haven’t already seen the new The Little Mermaid movie, you should really go see it this weekend. Great movie!

Oh! And if you haven’t figured it out, I am a hopeful romantic. Yep, that’s me! Y’all, I’m Ariel and I’m in love with Eric!!! ♥️🥹🥰😂

Listen, I took a break from social media this weekend, so y’all it! Lol! I’m going to try not to post too many blogs.

Enjoy your weekend.♥️


Own Your Life

Happy Saturday!

“Shaun, own your life! Own it!” was the last thing I wrote in my journal entry on May 27, 2019.

Now, here we are four years later.

Y’all, I really am proud of everything I have accomplished thus far. I often feel like I am behind until I take a trip down memory lane. My list of accomplishments is quite extensive. The difference between me and the people I have been comparing myself to on social media (being transparent) is that they share their achievements and I hide mine. I keep mine hidden because I don’t want it to seem like I’m bragging. Even when I had my office on campus, I never displayed my awards or degrees. I have military accolades that are still packed away. Even some of the positions I have held, aren’t on my resume. Y’all, I even find it hard telling people I was in a doctoral program for two years. I didn’t complete it… or haven’t completed it yet–still on the fence about it–but I did it.

It’s time for me to take that advice I gave myself four years ago– Own it! Haaaa… why do I hear my fav, Tyler Perry, saying, “Own your stuff!”

Year 50 loading…

Thank you for reading. Wishing you a peaceful day!♥️


Had to add this gem! Went and found Tyler’s speech. Y’all, he gave the speech on June 23, 2019; however, BET shared it on June 24, 2019….. MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, I’m screaming! Gotta love life. Tyler Perry’s BET speech. Let’s call it, Own Your Stuff.


A New Era is Dawning Part 2

Again, another testimony in real time! Here’s the first message that showed up on YouTube.

Welcome to my world! This is my life.

You can say my phone, YouTube, social media or the internet picks up on words that I write or speak and then chooses which messages I see. Could be AI. However, I choose to believe it’s a greater power. It’s God.

Now, things don’t always happen like this. I do not need constant reassurance, encouragement or confirmation throughout the day. However, it’s little things like this that let me know me know God hears me, sees me, got me and I am truly loved.



A New Era Is Dawning

Was scrolling through my Twitter feed and saw a face I had not seen in years. I just smiled. They were still doing them. When I tell you, that one face was all the confirmation I needed for why I cannot go back to what I once knew. It’s also confirmation that it is time to move on from where I am, presently.

Actress KJ Smith tweeted the following–

“I used to ride for a lot of people who never rode for me…the end of an era…”

I felt this to my core. I used to put my entire being into others goals and dreams because I absolutely loved seeing them win. In the end, I discovered that they would have never done the same for me.

As KJ said, it’s the end of an era. Going forward, I am not going to invest more into others than I do myself.

Year 50 is loading.

After my mom died, I started purging things I had been holding on to for years. These were things I just could not bring myself to let go of. Today, I need to finish purging. I refuse to take that weight with me into the next part of my life. It’s time to make room for my future.

Yes, a new era is dawning.

Feeling grateful and blessed.♥️