September 22, 2014

Eight years ago, I wrote my first “purse note.” It’s the first of several notes I have kept in my purse to refer back to whenever I need encouragement or to be reminded of my dreams, goals and purpose. Yes.. I have eight year old pieces of paper in my purse.

So, I wrote this particular note during a pretty weird time in my life. I say weird, but truthfully, it was almost like an awakening. It was like my spiritual awareness was on 100. No lie! It was like I was connected to the universe and everything I could possibly think of or imagining was coming my way. I felt like a magnet. All I had to do was think of something and it was drawn to me. Y’all, I had never experienced anything like that before. It was pretty surreal!

Here’s a tiny snippet of what I wrote on that day–

“Out of my reach, but nothing is too hard for God.”

I ended the note with this:

Philippians 4:7 (Living Bible version)

If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus.

It’s taken me a good seven to eight years to finally understand what it truly means to reside in God’s peace. No matter what I had to endure, God’s peace and love always kept my mind and heart stable and safe from harm.

As for the snippet… Baby, I’ve learned that there’s nothing out of my reach. If I truly want it, I can have it. The catch is, I actually have to work for it. Yep.. gotta put in that work! Smiling

I truly love my life. Y’all, God is so good.

Grateful & Blessed



Wednesday Writings

Smiling because this particular Facebook memory is soooo timely!

This week, Tyler Perry (yes.. I’m writing about Tyler again- lol) has two productions premiering. Tonight we get a sneak preview of his new show Zatima, which is a spin-off of Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Tomorrow, the first season premieres on BETPlus. Then Friday, his movie, A Jazzman’s Blues, premieres on Netflix. What a birthday month!! Y’all know I love birthdays and this is like top tier of birthday celebrations. Doesn’t get any better than this! Or does it?!

Anyhoo.. back to my Facebook memory. A few blogs ago I wrote that from what I could tell from A Jazzman’s Blues’ trailer, the movie is definitely Oscar worthy. Well, here’s what I wrote two years ago, the day after Tyler and his foundation won the Emmys’ Governors Award.

Facebook Memory: September 21, 2020

I have to brag on Tyler Perry for a minute. Yeah..yeah.. yeah.. I know, I do it all the time. But you have to understand what last night meant. He received his first Emmy, y’all! He received it in spite of the criticism he receives daily, ESPECIALLY from fellow artists. You don’t have to like Tyler, or his work. However, you must acknowledge that he’s doing something right. This man puts in the work!

Y’all, this is proof that God will move mountains to make sure you receive what you deserve. As Tyler is notorious for saying, “All you need is ONE yes from God.” So don’t let criticism, disappointments or hate stop you from pursuing your dreams. Shake it off and keep moving. Because NOTHING, and NO ONE, can stop God’s plan for your life. But most importantly– NOTHING WILL STOP GOD’S PURPOSE!

Whew!! I got chills reading my own post! Laughing.

Looking forward to seeing where this leads. I’m so excited for Tyler!




One word– Chosen.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why me?”. Well, I have. Not only during bad times, but also during the good ones. Guess what?! You were chosen.

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart . . .” ~ Shaun


Hello Sunday

This morning I finally logged back onto one of my personal Instagram accounts. Didn’t know that I had been logged off for six weeks. I definitely needed that break.

Also, a few days ago, I logged back onto my Nutrition with LaShaundreaB accounts.

Since my mom’s been in the hospital (and she still is), I have been feeling kind of lost with no true sense of direction. It’s like my life has been placed on an indefinite hold. I’m not sad about it, nor disappointed, just a bit uncertain about my next moves. You know, I had logged off social media to focus on launching this project and BAM! the unexpected happened. I guess this is what makes life interesting, right?

This morning, I’m writing while still sleepy so I’m not going to make this very long. Here’s what I’ve recently realized (the reasons I decided to log back onto social media):

1) Life is going to continue to happen whether I’m plugged in or not. Yep… it’s still moving right along.

2) I am in control of the affect distractions have on my focus, emotions and feelings. It’s all on me.

3) The only sure, unwavering thing is God’s love, mercy, grace and peace. Yeah… it’s all inclusive. He is my refuge and a place I can always find rest.

Y’all, it’s so wonderful knowing that God never changes based on our moods, emotions, feelings, doubts, egos, etc. He always remains the same. I’m so grateful and blessed that I can always find peace and comfort in Him. He’s just so wonderful!

As I said, I’m back on social media; however, this time my focus is different. Allowing God to lead.

I pray that everything is well in your life. As always, thanks for reading. I truly appreciate y’all.♥️



Keep Moving

Keep moving. You’ve come too far to give up on your dreams, goals and purpose. Just because you can’t see or feel God working, doesn’t mean He isn’t. Imagine if you were to quit today and tomorrow everything was set to fall in place. Again– Keep moving!♥️ ~ Shaun