Be Creative

How many of you were dreamers as a child? Well, I sure was! From designing clothes, cars and houses to becoming an ambassador walking the halls of the United Nations, the list of things I wanted to do or become was endless. Guess what? I still believe I can do and become whatever I want.🤷🏽‍♀️ And so can you! Tap into your inner child and create the life you’ve always dreamed. ~ Shaun


Forever Creating

I really do love my life! Around 1:00 AM this morning, I woke up with the brilliant idea to create an online store where I could sell my artwork and quotes. Googled a few places and settle on Zazzle. The reviews were pretty good and the site was fairly easy to set up and use. However, it took a minute for me to realize I actually needed to use my laptop for some of the features. Anyway, here’s my store’s page – I also added a page to my blog that will house most of my artwork. So, some of the artwork I have only shared on social media will now be available for you to view. Okay, I’m tired! Good Morning/Good Night. Thanks for reading!

Enjoy your day!


Shaun’s Smile

Change Begins with Me

I am the change that I seek because change begins with me. (Smile & repeat)

That was my social media post for the day. Even though I’ve heard the quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” hundreds of times, this morning it dawned on me that this should be something I practice in everyday situations. In the past, whenever I heard the quote it was always in reference to community and global change. Never once did I think of applying it to situations closest to me. As we all know, we cannot change others; however, we can change the way we respond to their actions. I believe that we have the power to create the atmosphere and spaces we desire. I know this will not work in all situations but it’s worth a try. Peace is what I seek and it must begin with me.

Enjoy your weekend! ~ Shaun