Hello Sunday

It’s almost 4:00 AM and my mom is finally aware of the date and time (still kind of off about the time of day even though it’s dark outside). She knows that certain bills have to be paid by a certain date. I told her we would worry about those things on Monday. That I would handle it all.

Yeah.. it’s almost 4:00 AM and now I’m trying not to worry about everything I have to do on Monday, or tomorrow. Shoot.. I barely remembered to pay my own bills that weren’t automatically drafted. Life. Gotta love it.

Right now, she’s falling back to sleep. I believe I’ll do the same. Tomorrow, I’ll handle whatever needs to be done then. However, today.. right now.. I’m going to stay present, get some sleep and deal with whatever Sunday brings.

Staying present.

One task and day at a time.

Going back to sleep.

Y’all have a blessed day.



Blessings & Responsibilities

Every blessing comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Often, it’s a responsibility we never anticipated or something we have tried avoiding, yet it happens anyway.

Right after I resigned, my dad became sick again. My last day of work was April 1st and a week later, what was supposed to be a two day trip turned into a three week stay. Just like now, I had so many things planned for my new venture. Looking back, everything still happened but not as I had planned or within my timeframe.

Here I am again attempting to launch this newest project and all I’m hearing is be still and go with the flow. Right here, right now, is where I’m meant to be. It’s where I’m needed.

This morning it dawned on me that besides responsibility, there’s a lesson attached to my blessing. I’m blessed to have time to spend with all three of my parents. Although it’s not under great conditions, it’s an opportunity most people don’t get with their parents due to other obligations. At this time, the projects I’m currently working on are my own (which I can modify and/or postpone), and my children are living their own lives. So, I’m going to relax and go with the flow of things. God has always provided and will continue to do so. I’m blessed.♥️ ~ Shaun