Press Pause

So many things that happen in life are beyond our control. Today, I encourage you to take mental breaks whenever you feel overwhelmed. This could mean unplugging from social media, using DND, turning off the TV. Press pause on whatever’s causing you stress. Your mental well-being is dependent on it.♥️


Wednesday Writings

Decided to use the quote that initially accompanied the graphic. It’s a much needed reminder that I control the pen that’s writing my story.

Lately, I’ve been warring between disconnecting so that I can fully recharge or staying connected so that I won’t lose connections. There’s this fear of starting over and disappointing others that has me hesitant to disconnect, yet I know it’s necessary.

Today will be my 459th consecutive blog. Believe me, ending this streak is one of the most difficult decisions I have to make. And social media… Listen, I can’t even begin to describe how difficult it’s going to be logging off social media. Sadly, it’s become an integral part of my life. Y’all, I have upcoming events and community information to share on Mississippi Thriving. I have content to post for Nutrition with LaShaundreaB. Daily posts for Shaun’s Daily Inspiration. Morning greetings for my sistas in We Are Sistas. Sunday tweets with my e-church family during Sunday service. Shows and movies to promote. Issues to support. Y’all, there’s so much that I do– that I LOVE doing– that I’m finding it difficult to take a break from. Honestly, I feel like I’m abandoning my friends, followers and community– as if I’m abandoning my tribe.

Side Note: I believe I have blogged about this before, but until recently (like a year or so ago), I suffered from abandonment issues. I always felt like those I cared about most would abandon me. Well, it’s the same way I feel about disconnecting to recharge. Even though I know I’m not abandoning anyone, I don’t want them to feel as if I am. I know that probably sounds a bit crazy, but the fear of abandonment so real.

Well, with everything said…

Y’all, I need to press pause and take an indefinite break. I need to take a moment to fully recharge. Operating on half empty just isn’t working anymore. I know it may sound like farewell, but it’s not. I assure you that I will return.

Please take care of yourself!

Love you always,