Wednesday Writings

Smiling because this particular Facebook memory is soooo timely!

This week, Tyler Perry (yes.. I’m writing about Tyler again- lol) has two productions premiering. Tonight we get a sneak preview of his new show Zatima, which is a spin-off of Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Tomorrow, the first season premieres on BETPlus. Then Friday, his movie, A Jazzman’s Blues, premieres on Netflix. What a birthday month!! Y’all know I love birthdays and this is like top tier of birthday celebrations. Doesn’t get any better than this! Or does it?!

Anyhoo.. back to my Facebook memory. A few blogs ago I wrote that from what I could tell from A Jazzman’s Blues’ trailer, the movie is definitely Oscar worthy. Well, here’s what I wrote two years ago, the day after Tyler and his foundation won the Emmys’ Governors Award.

Facebook Memory: September 21, 2020

I have to brag on Tyler Perry for a minute. Yeah..yeah.. yeah.. I know, I do it all the time. But you have to understand what last night meant. He received his first Emmy, y’all! He received it in spite of the criticism he receives daily, ESPECIALLY from fellow artists. You don’t have to like Tyler, or his work. However, you must acknowledge that he’s doing something right. This man puts in the work!

Y’all, this is proof that God will move mountains to make sure you receive what you deserve. As Tyler is notorious for saying, “All you need is ONE yes from God.” So don’t let criticism, disappointments or hate stop you from pursuing your dreams. Shake it off and keep moving. Because NOTHING, and NO ONE, can stop God’s plan for your life. But most importantly– NOTHING WILL STOP GOD’S PURPOSE!

Whew!! I got chills reading my own post! Laughing.

Looking forward to seeing where this leads. I’m so excited for Tyler!



Hello Sunday

Shades of Blue

Today’s Hello Sunday is dedicated to someone I truly admire, Mr. Tyler Perry.

A few years ago, I wrote a similar blog but decided to unpublish it. I unpublished it because I thought it was a little immature and could be misleading. Listen, when I’m passionate about something or someone it shows. Y’all, I can’t hide it. Well, at the time I may have been a little too passionate. I was accused of being a fanatic, obsessed, in love and so much more. All because I truly admired– and still do– Tyler. So I toned down my admiration. I mean, if everyone else thought all those things, there’s no telling what he would think had he known. I’m laughing now, but I didn’t want him or his people blocking me on social media. Yeah.. I was a bit much.

Anyway, what people failed to realize, which I attempted to explain in my previous blog, is how my life changed once I started following him on social media. From Tyler’s words of wisdom, to his passion for helping others, I was hooked. No, the plays, movies and shows didn’t draw me in, those came later. To me, he was doing everything I once dreamed of doing– connecting with people on a human level and assisting those in need. PLUS.. he was from the south.. “The Dirty South.” Ha! There was no way I would not follow and support him. He’s my people! Also, he gave me one of my greatest gifts, the ability to dream again. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Yesterday, I watched a commencement speech he gave to Emory University graduates. It was only 18 minutes long but packed with so many gems. Y’all, his ability to connect with people on a personal level is astonishing. It’s priceless!

So, today I’m giving Tyler his roses. He’s earned them. I could spend hours telling you how he’s influenced my life over the years but don’t worry, I won’t. During his speech, he dropped another nugget of wisdom I needed to hear. Smiling while crying. Again, forever grateful.

Listen, Tyler Perry is so much more than Madea and his movies, shows and plays. He’s a beautiful human being with a big heart. Wishing him a lifetime of unconditional love, blessings and success.

Here’s the link to his speech– Tyler Perry’s Emory Univ. Commencement Speech. Enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading. Wishing you many blessings as well.