Hello Sunday

I guess you can say this is my second blog for this morning and third blog this weekend. Earlier, I decided to post a thread on Twitter. Just had a few things on my mind and didn’t feel like journaling or using it for my Hello Sunday’s blog.

Read this quote minutes ago- “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” In some ways it’s misleading. The quote doesn’t factor in things that happen randomly such as things we can’t control. On the other hand, it’s still accurate. Whatever future we desire we have to be intentional about creating. Which brings me to the book launch for Finally Free – it was a success!! Y’all, I’m so proud of myself and all of the other authors. We worked our butts off promoting this book. In the end, it all paid off. See reblog below.

Anyway, since the beginning of the year, I’ve often found myself telling others, “This year will be different because I plan to make it different.” I feel like it’s becoming my mantra. I have chosen to intentionally create the future I desire and deserve, all while following God’s lead. After the book was released, I asked God what’s next. You see, life is too short to keep taking unnecessary breaks. I’ll rest and pamper myself when needed, however, this time, I have to keep moving.

Please enjoy my blog from A Research Diva’s Journey.

THIS Just Happened

Best Selling Author. Number 1 new release in several categories. Bold. Tenacious. Fearless. Triumphant. THIS is what happens when you listen to God …

THIS Just Happened

Too Excited to Sleep

I really should be asleep. Like really! Too much on my mind. Like, why did I forget to buy pearls for today’s inauguration? Been meaning to do it forever but didn’t want to go to the store. Ugh…COVID-19!! I know I had a set of pearls but I can’t remember where I put them. I do have a pearl bracelet, so that’ll have to do. See, I have unnecessary things on my mind.

Oh.. and the book anthology, Finally Free, will be released tomorrow. I want to go ahead and schedule the promo now, but I have no clue of what I want to say. Y’all, I have absolutely no clue of how to promote myself or this book. On the other hand, I do know how to be consistent. For the past week, I have been promoting the book daily from all of my social media platforms. It’s something I haven’t been comfortable with doing, but I’ve been doing it. Listen, the captions look a mess, but I get them out there. Lol! On a serious note, yesterday I posted that this book experience has been about so much more than becoming an author, it’s been about me embracing my purpose and taking the necessary steps towards moving forward. I can’t stop this time, or slow down. My purpose is too great and my time is now- not ten years from now, but NOW! I also received an email from my advisor saying that it’s time for me to decide if I’m going to continue with the doctoral program. Next semester begins March 1. As I said in the beginning, I have a lot on my mind.

Guess I could have made this a journal entry but I felt like sharing. Plus I needed to publish my mid-week blog so this works. Lol. Well y’all, I’m finally sleepy so I’m going to hit publish and go back to sleep. Today’s going to be a good day, and tomorrow is going to be even better. Speaking it!

Talk about “Speaking it!”– a friend gifted me this mug a few days ago. When I thanked her, I thanked her for speaking favor over my life. God is good!

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Enjoy your day!