Hello Sunday


March 13, 2020
“When it’s time, it will happen. Be patient. Nothing that’s meant for me will pass me by. I won’t have to go searching for it, it will find me.”

That’s an excerpt from my journal entry two years ago. Please allow me to pass on the same words of encouragement to you. No matter how grim things look at times, or how many days, months, years or even decades pass, whatever blessings God has for you will not pass you. They won’t be given to someone else. Also, you won’t have to go searching for them. They’ll find you.

Now, ease your mind and carry on. What will be, will be.

Have a lovely Sunday!



Too Excited to Sleep

I really should be asleep. Like really! Too much on my mind. Like, why did I forget to buy pearls for today’s inauguration? Been meaning to do it forever but didn’t want to go to the store. Ugh…COVID-19!! I know I had a set of pearls but I can’t remember where I put them. I do have a pearl bracelet, so that’ll have to do. See, I have unnecessary things on my mind.

Oh.. and the book anthology, Finally Free, will be released tomorrow. I want to go ahead and schedule the promo now, but I have no clue of what I want to say. Y’all, I have absolutely no clue of how to promote myself or this book. On the other hand, I do know how to be consistent. For the past week, I have been promoting the book daily from all of my social media platforms. It’s something I haven’t been comfortable with doing, but I’ve been doing it. Listen, the captions look a mess, but I get them out there. Lol! On a serious note, yesterday I posted that this book experience has been about so much more than becoming an author, it’s been about me embracing my purpose and taking the necessary steps towards moving forward. I can’t stop this time, or slow down. My purpose is too great and my time is now- not ten years from now, but NOW! I also received an email from my advisor saying that it’s time for me to decide if I’m going to continue with the doctoral program. Next semester begins March 1. As I said in the beginning, I have a lot on my mind.

Guess I could have made this a journal entry but I felt like sharing. Plus I needed to publish my mid-week blog so this works. Lol. Well y’all, I’m finally sleepy so I’m going to hit publish and go back to sleep. Today’s going to be a good day, and tomorrow is going to be even better. Speaking it!

Talk about “Speaking it!”– a friend gifted me this mug a few days ago. When I thanked her, I thanked her for speaking favor over my life. God is good!

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Enjoy your day!



God’s Favor

Sitting here reminiscing about events that took place in the Summer of 2014. Y’all, so many wonderful things happened that that year. Like the memory I am about to share.

One day, out of the blue, I received an invitation to attend a culinary media training event in New Orleans. It was an all-expenses paid trip. All I had to do was show up. At first, I was hesitant about going because I was afraid. I was afraid that I would not live up to what was expected of me. I was afraid that I would make mistakes. I was afraid I would not fit in. I was afraid of where it could possibly lead me. I was afraid of the potential– my potential. Then, I remembered God’s favor. He would not have presented the opportunity if He believed I could not handle it. I mean, EVERYTHING was paid for. All I had to do was go. So, I went. Here is what I wrote afterwards:

New Orleans was definitely a great professional experience. I came back with a sense of worth. I felt like I could actually accomplish my goals. I now have a different outlook on life & my role in this universe. I am destined for greatness & there’s nothing wrong with it. Thank you God for helping me realize my potential. Please give me the knowledge, strength, courage, and intelligence to do things the correct way. I thank you so much for the favor!

Shaun’s Journal: June 2014

Can’t you hear Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers singing, God’s Favor? I can! The song says, “God’s favor is more precious than life.”