Hello Sunday

This morning I finally logged back onto one of my personal Instagram accounts. Didn’t know that I had been logged off for six weeks. I definitely needed that break.

Also, a few days ago, I logged back onto my Nutrition with LaShaundreaB accounts.

Since my mom’s been in the hospital (and she still is), I have been feeling kind of lost with no true sense of direction. It’s like my life has been placed on an indefinite hold. I’m not sad about it, nor disappointed, just a bit uncertain about my next moves. You know, I had logged off social media to focus on launching this project and BAM! the unexpected happened. I guess this is what makes life interesting, right?

This morning, I’m writing while still sleepy so I’m not going to make this very long. Here’s what I’ve recently realized (the reasons I decided to log back onto social media):

1) Life is going to continue to happen whether I’m plugged in or not. Yep… it’s still moving right along.

2) I am in control of the affect distractions have on my focus, emotions and feelings. It’s all on me.

3) The only sure, unwavering thing is God’s love, mercy, grace and peace. Yeah… it’s all inclusive. He is my refuge and a place I can always find rest.

Y’all, it’s so wonderful knowing that God never changes based on our moods, emotions, feelings, doubts, egos, etc. He always remains the same. I’m so grateful and blessed that I can always find peace and comfort in Him. He’s just so wonderful!

As I said, I’m back on social media; however, this time my focus is different. Allowing God to lead.

I pray that everything is well in your life. As always, thanks for reading. I truly appreciate y’all.♥️



Provisions Beyond Expectation

Provisions beyond our expectations. That’s what God provides. And somehow He always manages to sneak in a little something extra – lagniappe.

Expect the unexpected!

So.. I only intended to write a few lines and share today’s quote; however, I cannot publish this without sharing a snippet of my testimony. You see

Four years ago (August 23, 2018), I was searching for a house to lease. The one I had moved into after my separation had served its purpose. Plus, I needed more space (my son had outgrown his room). Well, I found a house, but could never reach anyone to inquire about it. At the time, my daughter worked for a realty firm so I asked for assistance with finding another contact. Y’all, I really wanted the house. Unfortunately/fortunately she couldn’t, but she did find another house in the same subdivision. One that had just been listed. The one I’m currently living in now.

Four years ago, I wrote about my experience while viewing the house. The house far exceeded my expectations. Not in size – because it’s tiny – but in the details. Not details others would notice but the ones only God knew.

Before losing my first home, I had plans to remodel. Had drawn them out. Had picked colors. Then, the foreclosure happened (couldn’t afford it after my separation). The first place I moved into exceeded my expectations. I had asked for specific things and God provided a little more. When I moved from there, He gave me what I had asked for and again, a little more. You see, I asked for the basics. The things I could think of – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, 2 car garage, front porch – the basics. But He provided the details. From the brick pavers in my kitchen to the exact color of my bathroom (things I had planned for the remodel), this house had it. It didn’t end there. There were so many tiny details that made me smile. Y’all, on that day, I felt so loved. And I still feel loved. To this day, as He always has, He continues to do little things that make me smile. I’m forever grateful and blessed to have His love.

By the way, I dodged a bullet by not getting the other house. Every few months some maintenance company is digging around or working on an issue at or near that property.

Listen, thank you for reading! I just had to share my story. Have a wonderful day.



Blessed & Favored

I can hear the Clark Sisters singing–

“Never let a day go by and not realize we are blessed. Don’t take it for granted that we are here today. Just know we’re blessed and highly favored.”

I can undoubtedly say that I AM blessed and favored– highly favored. And so are you!♥️ ~ Shaun


Hello Sunday


March 13, 2020
“When it’s time, it will happen. Be patient. Nothing that’s meant for me will pass me by. I won’t have to go searching for it, it will find me.”

That’s an excerpt from my journal entry two years ago. Please allow me to pass on the same words of encouragement to you. No matter how grim things look at times, or how many days, months, years or even decades pass, whatever blessings God has for you will not pass you. They won’t be given to someone else. Also, you won’t have to go searching for them. They’ll find you.

Now, ease your mind and carry on. What will be, will be.

Have a lovely Sunday!



Too Excited to Sleep

I really should be asleep. Like really! Too much on my mind. Like, why did I forget to buy pearls for today’s inauguration? Been meaning to do it forever but didn’t want to go to the store. Ugh…COVID-19!! I know I had a set of pearls but I can’t remember where I put them. I do have a pearl bracelet, so that’ll have to do. See, I have unnecessary things on my mind.

Oh.. and the book anthology, Finally Free, will be released tomorrow. I want to go ahead and schedule the promo now, but I have no clue of what I want to say. Y’all, I have absolutely no clue of how to promote myself or this book. On the other hand, I do know how to be consistent. For the past week, I have been promoting the book daily from all of my social media platforms. It’s something I haven’t been comfortable with doing, but I’ve been doing it. Listen, the captions look a mess, but I get them out there. Lol! On a serious note, yesterday I posted that this book experience has been about so much more than becoming an author, it’s been about me embracing my purpose and taking the necessary steps towards moving forward. I can’t stop this time, or slow down. My purpose is too great and my time is now- not ten years from now, but NOW! I also received an email from my advisor saying that it’s time for me to decide if I’m going to continue with the doctoral program. Next semester begins March 1. As I said in the beginning, I have a lot on my mind.

Guess I could have made this a journal entry but I felt like sharing. Plus I needed to publish my mid-week blog so this works. Lol. Well y’all, I’m finally sleepy so I’m going to hit publish and go back to sleep. Today’s going to be a good day, and tomorrow is going to be even better. Speaking it!

Talk about “Speaking it!”– a friend gifted me this mug a few days ago. When I thanked her, I thanked her for speaking favor over my life. God is good!

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Enjoy your day!