Wednesday Writings

Seems as if the atmosphere is shifting and it’s shifting at an extremely fast pace. Maybe it’s only in my world. I do have a lot going on. Well, what seems like a lot at the moment. Most of it is related to transition. I’m transitioning from a full-time caregiver/parent to as needed. At the moment, I’m not really sure how to cope with this awkwardness. Of course I have plenty of things to work on and keep me busy, but socially there’s a void. There’s a void that I’m not exactly sure how to fill. It doesn’t make it any better that I no longer have coworkers or work in a public space. I’m a very social person but even being on social media is different. The connections don’t provide the same feelings as in person connections. They don’t fill the void.

Y’all, I’m just thinking as I write. I know in an hour or two I’ll feel differently. However, at this very moment, I feel alone. Crazy part is, I don’t want to text, call or video chat, I need physical, human interaction. I need to feel their energy (positive only). I’m tired of going to the store just to see and interact with people. Yes, I strike up conversations with random people. I know that I can always volunteer, but I want to be around people who don’t need me. I want to be around people who want to socialize. Even if we’re only watching a movie or in the same space. Guess I need to be more careful about what I put out into the universe because the last place I want to end up in is jail. Lol. I kinda scared myself with that last statement– watching movies or just in the same space with people. Whew! You never know how the universe will answer. Gotta be more careful. Anyhoo.. I really have to figure this one out.

Well, that’s as much as I feel like writing. Thank you so much for reading. Enjoy your day!