Be still and listen.
Be quiet and listen.
The answer’s there.
Just listen.

Once you’ve received your answer, it’s on you to accept it or not.♥️

Learning and growth is lifelong. It seems like every day I’m either learning something new or accepting what I have already known (growth).

I tend to talk to God a lot; however, I don’t always take time to listen. Or, I hear Him, don’t like the answer, and keep talking. Either way, He always provides answers.

Here’s what I’m learning:

  • If I listen the first, second or third time (yep.. I’m stubborn at times), I won’t have to keep repeating the same things.
  • Sometimes the answers will take me outside my comfort zone. I have to move while afraid, uncertain and uncomfortable.
  • God’s answers can contradict reason and logic. Yes, I’m learning to stop trying to make sense of things.
  • God will confirm His answers. I will say that nowadays He confirms them much faster than before, or not. Maybe the confirmation has always been there but I was not open to receiving the answer(s).

Going forward, my goal is to be intentional about listening, accepting and acting on God’s answers.


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