Hello Sunday

Besides God, YOU are the ONLY one who knows what you truly want from life. YOU are the ONLY one who knows your heart’s truest desires. You know.. those things you have always longed for. Things you dreamt of as a child but suppressed as an adult because they seemed unrealistic or childish. Things you have never expressed out loud for fear of feeling vulnerable or being judged. Yeah.. those things.

Listen, we are only blessed with one life that we definitely – 100 percent – know of. Although I believe reincarnation is a possibility and heaven is real, the life we have now is meant to be lived to its fullest. Today, I encourage you to stop running from your heart’s desires (as long as they are safe- if they are potentially harmful to yourself or others, please seek help), drown out the noise and DO YOU! Be YOU! For YOU!♥️

Remember, life is what YOU make it. Be sure to make it what YOU want and not what others want for you.

Have a wonderfully, blessed Sunday!


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