Wednesday Writings

Facebook memory: September 8, 2018 Caption and picture.

How many of you have tried to rush things and God said, “Be still” or “Be patient”?

Be Still
Be Patient
God’s Working

I’m not going to lie, I have been feeling pretty low for a few days now. Can’t seem to stop crying. I keep asking myself where is my life headed. Honestly, it seems like my ambitions and dreams have shriveled up. All I’m left with is nothingness. Like, I feel nothing. I want nothing. I’m just here.

Yesterday, my son said I needed to get out the house and go somewhere, anywhere. I was like, all I’ve been doing is going. He said I needed to go somewhere for myself, not to take care of things for someone else. So, we drove down to the coast for lunch. He was right, I needed to do something for me. Now, here I am laying here with my thoughts. I just can’t seem to stop crying. I’ve been patient with myself for years, so why am I not further along? I don’t want to die without achieving my dreams; however, right now, I don’t have any drive to move forward. None. I just want to be.

I know this moment will pass. It always does. But it’s becoming harder and harder to bounce back. This is hard to admit but I’m beginning to feel hopeless. Just being transparent.



Facebook Memory: August 27, 2019 – Success

Here is a Facebook post I shared on August 27, 2019. Y’all, I actually took the leap and ventured out on my own. I am no where near where I know I will be some day, however, I am on my way! #NotGivingUp

August 27, 2019

Here’s today’s social media find. DO NOT GIVE UP! Success does not happen overnight. We refer to some as “overnight” successes; but in reality, they’ve been working on their craft for a while. Think about social media celebrities. Most of us saw them when they first started making videos. They didn’t give up. They practiced their craft until it was so good that others wanted to share it.

If you have an idea or vision that’s been nagging you for years, do it. Maybe all of the pieces aren’t in place, and you feel like making a move is pointless. Believe me, it’s not! Do something. Work towards it. Just don’t sit idle and one day wish you would have tried. The road to success will not be easy. DON’T GIVE UP! (This isn’t just for you, it’s for me too!☺️)

Y’all, I just love how I write things for my future self. Two years ago, I was not prepared for where I am today, nor am I prepared for where I will be. But as I said before, I am not giving up. Go Shaun/LaShaundreaB!!



Wednesday Writings

A few years ago, a question was circulating on different social media platforms – “What advice would you give your five year old self?” The answer I gave then, is still the same today; however, I would add:

Be patient with yourself.
Allow yourself to make and learn from mistakes.
Take more leaps of faith.
Save more.
Invest more.
There’s going to be this thing called social media. Learn to manage it, don’t let it manage you.

Here’s what I originally shared back in 2017 (I believe).

What would I tell my 5 year old self?

You’re going to have some good days and some bad days. Sometimes you’re going to feel like giving up, but you won’t. You’re a survivor. See every moment as an adventure. It will help you through the tough times. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Don’t settle for less than what you want and what you’re worth.

You will always be a little different than others. You’re unique. Embrace it! Travel. Love. Have fun. And ALWAYS put God first. He’s so awesome. The things He’s going to allow you to experience are going to blow your mind. Girl, just enjoy life. And guess what? I love you.

What advice would you give your five year old self?