I Love Who I Am Becoming

For so many years, I have enjoyed watching God work in other people’s lives. However, TODAY, I am enjoying watching Him work in my life. This morning I finally realized I have actually accomplished so much while celebrating others. Yes, ME! Y’all, I’m in tears. I absolutely LOVE who I am becoming.♥️ ~ Shaun


Wednesday Writings

Today, I am beginning a little late. Decided everything else could wait. I needed to spend some quality time with God. Do not get me wrong, I talk to God all day long; however, while I’m talking, I’m also doing a million other things. So if my focus is not solely on God can I truly say I’m spending time with Him? Hmm…

Well, I began today a bit differently. In stead of me doing a lot of talking– asking a thousand questions and trying to figure things out– I sat still and listened. If you did not know, so many answers can be found while sitting still and giving God your undivided attention. You should try it!

So, yes.. today, I sat still, listened and found my answers. I hear You, God. Smiling

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a wonderful day.




It’s quite evident that hate is in the air. However, love is also in the air. Today, let’s focus on love.

Give it.
Receive it.
Embrace it.

Yes, it’s all about LOVE. Is it just me or can you also hear Earth, Wind & Fire singing #AllAboutLove.♥️ ~ Shaun

It’s all about love.

Hello Sunday




That’s the blog for today. You WILL win! Despite your current situation or how hopeless things may appear, know that God has you covered and YOU WILL WIN! Believe me, God has a way of making what seems impossible, possible.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Trust In Your Abilities

Maybe your current situation doesn’t reflect what you envisioned so you feel a need to give up. Please don’t. Work through the uncomfortable moments. God would not have given you the dream if it couldn’t be achieved. You are already equipped to make it happen.♥️ ~ Shaun