Hello Sunday

All Smiles

It’s 3:00 AM and I haven’t been to sleep yet. Ugh!! One day I’ll follow my sleep schedule.

Anyway.. I just read my journal entry from this date a year ago, August 21, 2021. I’m smiling because my life actually follows a certain pattern. Y’all, I never realized this until a few days ago after reading several entries from the same date but different years. When I say I’m amazed! And quite amused too. Laughing. Y’all, my life is so interesting. It’s definitely Oscar worthy. My daughter says it’s my Cancer energy. That my life and behaviors are true to my sign. Whatever

Honestly, I believe it’s God’s way of keeping me entertained and grounded while helping me become the woman I’m meant to be. It’s taken years, but I can finally see and feel God working. And it’s such a wonderful feeling.

Okay.. I need to go to sleep. Have to be up in a few hours to attend a conference. Yesterday’s sessions were pretty good! So good that I created a YouTube channel. More info to come!

Well, good night/morning. Wishing you an awesome day.



Wednesday Writings

Facebook memory: September 22, 2019

Good Morning! It’s September 22, 2019. No social media find today, only my thoughts. This weathered, folded note is a journal entry I wrote on September 22, 2014. I call it my “purse note.” I have kept this one, and a few others that I’ve added over time, in my purse for years. I actually read them quite often to make sure I’m on track, especially when I become discouraged.

This morning I just want to say, don’t give up. Don’t settle. No matter how things look, hold on. Because, what’s for you, is already yours. Remember that God’s blessings are better than life! I love y’all.

Honestly, I have not read my notes in a while. Started with one note that I was supposed to read daily. Now I have several ranging from 2014 – 2021. They keep me motivated and encouraged. They remind me that no matter how things appear, I am still on track.

The other day, while reading journal entries from the late 90s, I came across a list of goals I had forgotten I had written. After reading them, I was surprised to see that my goals really haven’t changed much. What I desired to achieve then, I still desire to achieve today. Overall, nothing has changed.

So here is what’s in the photo – a copy of my first “purse note” from September 22, 2014 and my goals from March 30, 1997 (both unedited).

Goals. Dreams. Motivation.

Well, as you can see, I keep and document just about everything. From personal stories to current events, I have them documented somewhere in my journals. Whenever I come across an entry where I have documented major events from someone’s life – births, marriages, etc. – I screenshot the passage and send it to them. They seem to love it.

I love my life.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.