One of the EASIEST things to do is repeat past mistakes because of impatience. One of the HARDEST things to do is wait because nothing seems to be happening. Today, I encourage you to WAIT!♥️

Y’all, yesterday was one for the books! I was having an emotional breakdown (being very honest and transparent). I had reached my limit of frustration and everything I had been bottling up came pouring out. By yesterday evening, I had decided to bypass God and take matters into my own hands. Y’all, I’m so grateful for growth. For maturity. For a stronger relationship with God. Yesterday, I almost repeated the same exact mistake I made 20 years ago. Now, I’m crying (happy tears) because this time I recognized what I was doing and said NOT THIS TIME! Nah.. I’ve learned my lesson. It’s best to WAIT.

Y’all have a great day and thank you sooo much for allowing me to ramble.



God’s Plan IS the Best

Have you ever found yourself ‘secretively’ devising an alternate plan just in case God’s plan isn’t the right fit or He’s moving much too slowly? Well, I have. Funny thing is it’s not a secret. He sees us! The best thing we can do is be still and wait because y’all, His plan IS the best plan. ~ Shaun



Have you ever wanted something so badly only to hear, “Wait”? Not “No,” but “Wait”? However, instead of waiting, you try to shorten your wait by helping God. Secret – the more you “help,” the more obstacles you encounter, which usually prolongs your wait. If it’s not prolonged, it will never be as good as God intended. ~ Shaun