Wednesday Writings

I was just scrolling through my Facebook memories and came across a few pictures I had shared from one of my basketball card collections. Y’all, it’s so ironic that this post popped up today because I have been thinking about parting ways with my cards… with a lot of things.

For a little over two months now, I have been slowly packing up my mom’s house. I never knew how much stuff she had. How many sentimental things she had been holding on to. Listen, it was a lot.

Well, this got me to thinking about some of the things I’ve been holding on to. Things that are very dear to me. Although my sisters and I kept a lot of my moms things– even though we had no real connection with them– will my children do the same? Would I want them to? They already think I hold on to too much, and I think they might be right.

After going through Momma’s things and having to decide what’s worth keeping, selling or trashing, I believe it’s time to let a few things of my own go. My two have told me countless times that they do not want their baby items, preschool drawings or their baby teeth. Laughing. So why am I still holding on to them? Y’all, I have things like their first pair of shoes, the outfits they wore home from the hospital. I also have baby bottles, bows, and stuffed animals. And y’all, don’t get me started on all of the books and VHS tapes I kept. And that’s only their things. Sigh. I have over 30 years of my own things that I have kept. Y’all, I still have my laundry bag from basic training. Why?!! Shaking my head, laughing. It’s definitely too much. So, before this year ends.. which is soon.. I need to decide what’s continuing on with me and what has to go.

Questions: Have you ever had to part ways with sentimental items? If so, how did you do it; and how did you feel afterwards? Do you regret it?

Well, this is all I have for today. Next week we will be in a new year. How exciting!

Enjoy your day!♥️



Wednesday Writings

Y’all, I had some kind of day yesterday. I’m not going to go into details, but it ended with me verbally declaring over and over, “I will not be defeated! I AM a child of God.” By the end of the night, the things I was stressing about had disappeared. Well.. they hadn’t actually disappeared, they were definitely still there; however, I no longer felt overwhelmed.

HA! That was yesterday…

Honestly, I have no idea why I check my emails at 3:00 AM, but I do. Ugh. It’s definitely a habit I need to break. Well, this morning I opened my email and the very first one hit me like a ton of bricks. Whew! Unlike yesterday when I allowed things to get me all worked up, I immediately began declaring – again, verbally – that I AM a child of God and I WILL NOT be defeated!

Y’all, I truly believe words have more power when they’re spoken, when they’re released into the universe. Now.. this goes for negative words too. So, be careful of what you release.

Today, at this very moment, I am declaring —


Listen, if you’re also going through some things, please feel free to make the same declaration, verbally. Change it up however you like. Just make sure you get it out into the universe.

Well, there’s nothing I can do right now about that email so I’m going to publish this blog and go back to sleep. God’s got me.

Y’all have a blessed day.♥️



Hello Sunday

Sometimes we win. Other times we lose.

Sometimes we seize great opportunities. Other times we don’t.


How do you cope – or attempt to cope – when things don’t go as planned? You know, after you have experienced a loss or have been disappointed?

Here’s what I wrote on this date in 2018. It was in response to the following quote — “Things didn’t work out [loss, disappointment, setback] because better things are in the works.”

Facebook Memory: December 18, 2018

Good Morning! We’re two weeks away from 2019!! Can you believe how fast this year passed? It’s crazy! Here’s today’s social media find. I know you may have set goals for this year that didn’t happen. You had it all played out in your mind how this year was going to be “Your Year!” And you feel like it was everything but your year (believe me, I know the feeling). However, from years of experiencing God’s love, mercy and grace, you KNOW better is coming! Things didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to. Whatever’s coming is going to blow your mind! Y’all know how God loves to show out!!😉💃🏽💃🏽 Here’s the thing, you cannot settle when you’re feeling down. You cannot stop believing because you don’t see anything happening. You must continue to push forward! Y’all, the best God has is on it’s way! Don’t give up!!

I like how I wrote–

“Things didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to. Whatever’s coming is going to blow your mind!”

Looking back, I am pretty sure I was trying to encourage myself after what I considered a loss or disappointment. Transparent moment: This is one of my ways of coping. It’s how I remain hopeful.

Did it work?

Does it work?


Although we still have two weeks left, I am exiting 2022 knowing that some things did not go as planned because they just were not meant to.


I’m entering 2023 KNOWING (had to make that BOLD because I’m feeling it) better is coming! Amen

Y’all, I am truly thankful for God’s love, mercy and grace. I thank Him for holding me up when I just knew I would fall. I thank Him for holding my heart together when I thought it was shattering. I thank Him for walking with me while I was afraid. I thank Him for encouraging me and restoring my hope, daily. We all know life is not easy. Y’all, I am beyond grateful God is in this thing with me. I’m Blessed

Only two weeks left in 2022! I pray you had an overall amazing year!♥️



Wednesday Writings

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am celebrating wins. Not the big wins that everyone sees, but the small, teeny-tiny mental wins. You know, the ones that are small but have the greatest impact on our psyche. Yes, those are the wins I am referring to. And if you didn’t know, they are also the wins we need to move forward in this game called Life. Because y’all, life is definitely a game. Listen, if we are not careful, we will find ourselves stuck, repeating the same level for years. It’s a game.

So, even though my wins are small, I am celebrating them like I hit the jackpot because baby, I just entered another level. Yes, I have entered another level of life, which means another level of challenges.


This time I am entering prepared because I KNOW it’s a game.


I finally realize it’s a game that I cannot win without God’s presence, guidance or grace. Yes, the reason I was stuck on the same level for so long was because I tried to win on my own. HA! Silly me! Well, God is leading and I am listening. Okay.. so I would be lying if I said moving forward I will always listen —because some of the things He instructs me to do I just don’t want to do (yes, I can be stubborn – Repeat level–Lol!) —however, it’s my goal to do so. Looking forward to more wins and less repeats.

Yes, God is good and He loves me.♥️ Celebrating

Be Blessed



December 12th

After doing a Christmas light tour in New Orleans City Park – which had me feeling like Princess Tiana – and watching Volume One of Harry and Meghan on Netflix this weekend; then, reading last year’s blog, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy. Y’all, I’m actually ready to try this love thing again. I’m ready to have my dreams come to fruition.

Most of my childhood I heard I needed to get my head out of the clouds. That what I wanted wasn’t possible, wasn’t real (still hear the same thing today). I was 18 years old when my belief took its first hit. Yes, at 18 I still believed I could have whatever I dreamed. NO ONE could convince me otherwise. Then, with every hit afterwards – disappointment in myself, heartbreak, mistake – the less I believed.

Y’all, I needed to see this blog today. I needed to be reminded that my dreams do matter. Yesterday, Pastor Michael Phillips said whatever we had given up on was still possible. And I believe him. All of my dreams are still possible!

The statement that I refer to from December 12, 2014 (blog below) makes me smile. No one was going to rescue Shaun but Shaun. Looking back, I needed to go through the entire experience alone. Believe me, I didn’t want to, but I had to. It was the only way I could find my way back to me, which is who I began searching for eight years ago (story for another time). This time I know what I want and I know that I don’t have to settle – not just with love but with all aspects of my life. Smiling

December 12, 2021Written after reading Will Smith’s memoir, WILL.

There is no way I can go into another relationship broken. I must realize there is no knight in shining armor to rescue me from myself.


Hello Sunday December 12, 2021

Last year’s blog is sooo worth the read: Hello Sunday December 12, 2021.