Facebook Memory: Take the Leap

Smiling! Still can’t believe I did it!!

When I wrote this post, never in a million years did I think I would leave my job. I was pretty comfortable where I was. Back then, my idea of leaping was creating a better consulting business for me to do on the side. Never did I think this would become my primary source of income. I am soooo happy I took the leap. Like I said, I’m smiling. God is good!

Facebook memory: September 16, 2019

It’s Monday! Here’s #TodaysSocialMediaFind. Where do you want to be? Are you actively moving towards it, or sitting and waiting for something to happen? I hate to break it to you, if you’re just thinking about it, it’s not going to happen. You have to get up, get moving and take a leap. Then you have to continue leaping- one leap after another.

So you know, I’m speaking to myself just as much as I’m speaking to you. I can’t afford to be stagnant. Gotta keep moving and leaping. Have a blessed week!

God Is Working
Keep Leaping
Then keep leaping!

I DID IT! And you can too. Have a blessed day!



Wednesday Writings

Hey y’all! I almost forgot that today is Wednesday.

Everything is good here. This week has been pretty busy. Which is a good thing. Today’s blog will be very brief.

Here is an excerpt from a journal entry written on September 15, 2017:

I am a conqueror. I was placed here for a reason. Everything I’ve been through, and the dreams I’ve had, are preparing me for something greater.

Remember, you too are a conqueror and was placed here for a reason. SHINE!



Be Persistent: Keep Going

After dealing with death, I often wonder if my dreams and goals are worth pursuing. Like, am I wasting too much time focusing on the unknown when I should be spending more time on what I already have. Then I am reminded that I could actually live to be 100 years old. My dreams and goals are so worth pursuing.

No matter how much I would like to give up at times, or settle where I am, for some reason God will not allow me to. He constantly shows me that there is so much more worth living for, worth pursuing. I have to keep going, even when those I thought would go with me are no longer here or decide to choose a different path. I cannot give up.

Here is a Facebook memory from September 13, 2018:

Good Morning! Here’s today’s social media find. Y’all, persistence is everything. Even when your deadline has come and gone, keep going. The thing you’re working towards will eventually happen. There are moments that I really want to give up (like last night- lol), but God steps in and pushes me forward. He’s persistent!☺️ If it’s meant to be, it will be.

There is no timeline, only God’s timing. Keeping going!