Wednesday Writings

Happy Wednesday! Today’s blog is a hodgepodge of Facebook memories I that I’ve shared on this date over the years.

Okay.. Here’s the memory dump!

“In time it’ll be revealed.”

My response to a video Bishop T.D. Jakes shared:

I am unique. There’s no other like me. There will never be another like me. God placed me in this world to fulfill a purpose that only I can fulfill. He made me exactly who He wanted me to be. So when you see me doing me, know that it’s all a part of God’s plan. He’s shaping me and molding me to fulfill His purpose. Whew!!

“What’s for me, is for me.”

This is all I have for you today. Hopefully you were as blessed by the memories as I was. Listen, knowing that what’s meant for me will not miss me and I’m the ONLY one who can fulfill a specific purpose, makes me want to sing and dance. Y’all, I’m blessed.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Take Care.



Purpose Requires Focus

Usually, I share the same captions that I use when I post my quotes on my social media platforms. However, today, I’m sharing the Facebook memory that inspired today’s quote.

August 2, 2019

It’s Friday, y’all! Here’s today’s social media find. Decided to use my own quote.😊 We can’t allow distractions to throw us off track. Our purpose is far too important to let small things hold us back.

Y’all, sometimes distractions are hard to recognize (or we refuse to see them as distractions). A distraction can be as small as someone looking at us the wrong way or not speaking. Or it could be binge watching a Netflix show or spending hours on Pinterest. Anyhoo, whether good or bad, distractions keep us from focusing on our purpose. Enjoy life, but stay focused. Oh…as for the negative distractions, give them to God and keep going. They’re not worth our time or attention.

Yesterday I decided to log off on one of my Instagram accounts. Just like my Twitter account, I could see it was becoming a distraction and affecting me mentally and emotionally. Not a lot, but it was. Even though posts shared by the people I follow were positive and inspirational, the suggested posts that continued to pop up were about things that I found myself dwelling on much longer than necessary. Typically I’d blow it off and refocus. However, I’ve learned from experience that if I don’t handle it now, I’ll end up in the same place before, anxious and unable to concentrate. So it was best to log off now.

By the way, here’s today’s quote. Almost forgot to share it. ~ Shaun


Try Again

Hello August!

It’s a new month, a new week and a new day. Today’s the PERFECT day to give that project, goal, dream or relationship that didn’t work before, another try. Yes.. Try Again!

Wishing you a wonderful month! ~ Shaun


I Love Who I Am Becoming

For so many years, I have enjoyed watching God work in other people’s lives. However, TODAY, I am enjoying watching Him work in my life. This morning I finally realized I have actually accomplished so much while celebrating others. Yes, ME! Y’all, I’m in tears. I absolutely LOVE who I am becoming.♥️ ~ Shaun